DDKItalia products
are second to none!

If you need consumables for histology as reagents, kits or paraffin, cytological or hematologic products, you can be sure that all products have the benefit of extensive research, superior quality tested, and professionally manufactured using appropriate materials but are cost-effective.

We never stop

DDK Italy is sure of its products and the staff is constantly striving to improve the production and provide each valued client/customer with unparalleled service. From the moment of placing your order until delivery, we have dedicated staff to help you choose the exact product you need.

Anywhere With You

Although most of our customers are located in Italy, we have built an efficient network of Distribution around the world. So if you’re staying in Tehran, Dubai, Casablanca, or Doha be assured that the quality of DDK Italia products you will receive is the same.

The quality of our products will allow you to eliminate all problems and concentrate solely on the relevant aspects of your work.

A Smartphone is enough

DDKItalia new website is powered by Responsive technology. You can consult it from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet and contact us at any time.